Children are energetic and playful to the extent that they touch every surface that they can access. This in a way makes them carriers of germs, bacteria, and infectious diseases. Seasonal infections through bacteria and viruses are another problem that catches hold of kids easily more than adults. The concern in this context is two-fold. One issue is the deteriorating health condition of the kid, the other is regarding the spread of this infection to other members of the family.

A practical solution in such a scenario is to maintain maximum hygiene at home. It helps to minimize the risk of complications while ensuring a comfortable recovery for the child. On the other side, an effort to maintain hygiene in indoor spaces also helps to safeguard other members of the family from getting infected. The following tips for hygiene for sick kids at home are designed to attain these purposes.

Regular Cleaning

This can be a tedious task. However, it is essential to check the spreading of germs. A plane cleaning that ensures shining surfaces may not be enough. Because it may not wipe out the hidden germs on surfaces. This is why the application of all-purpose cleaners or disinfectants is essential. Make sure to wipe or spray such solutions on highly touched surfaces such as door knobs, countertops, and bathroom fixtures. While handling surfaces accessible to children show special care to use child-friendly applications. If you find it time-consuming try hiring home cleaning services Abu Dhabi like Ultra Clean who can customise their services as per customer requirements.


Airborne germs can be effectively reduced by ensuring proper ventilation. Keep the windows as well as doors open to let fresh air in. Pay special attention to the sick child’s room. In this way, a comfortable and healthier environment with better air circulation and reduced germs can be ensured for the child and other members of the family.


Regularly wash the bed sheets, pillow covers, and towels used in the home, especially by the sick child. The use of hot water and laundry detergents can effectively kill the germs. Also, make sure to clean the washing machine with hot water and bleach. Run a couple of empty cycles to make sure that the bleach is completely removed.

Separate Personal Items

The personal items of the sick child such as towels, tissues, and utensils should not be used by others in the home. Also, try to add separate spaces like a play area for the kid until he or she recovers from the flu or influenza. Such measures to check the germs will be beneficial for the overall well-being of the occupants of a home.

Encourage Hygiene Practices

Most home cleaning services in Abu Dhabi have the opinion that guiding children with examples of hygiene practices can effectively check the spread of infections. Teach them not to cough or sneeze on their hands. Coughing and sneezing into the elbow bend also known as “vampire cough” is found to be an effective way with less risk. However such practices should be followed only in the absence of a tissue paper. Provide them with enough tissue paper to handle a runny nose. Also, give them plastic covers to keep the used tissue that could otherwise spread germs.

Other than these recommended actions it is also advisable to use disposable paper cups and plates while feeding children. Since children can be stubborn it is important to pay attention to make sure that they play by the rules. Encouraging them with gestures for good practices can be helpful.

Even with these additional practices, the significance of a clean and tidy environment in ensuring the overall health and well-being of your child and the rest of the family should not be overruled. Once in a while also try hiring an experienced home cleaning services in Abu Dhabi that can offer error-free cleaning assistance following the best practices. In this direction, Ultra Clean will be the best choice considering the perfect cleaning solutions offered by our trained professionals.