Home renovation is a pleasant experience. Giving a fresh lease of life to your lovely home can be exciting. However, the mess that is left post renovations may not resonate with this excitement. To get past this situation it is needed to make additional clean up that can be a tiresome job. Even the mere thought of cleaning after renovation can fall upon property owners like a nightmare. Given that, hiring some professional help can be of great relief.

The preference of individual homeowners varies. Some prefer to go for a DIY cleaning guide. Even though this can be tiring, the savings on labor costs make this an attractive option. Here is a guide that can be of help.

Step 1: Debris Removal

Clearing clutter will make it feel like half of the job is done. Moreover, hazardous materials such as screws and glass shards left after renovation needs to be eliminated for a safe cleaning process. Also, make sure to follow sustainable practices in getting rid of unnecessary items. If there are cardboard and plastic items see if there are options for recycling. If you are a person fond of reusing such items for making crafts store them in a separate space in a way to avoid clutter.

Step 2: Dust Control and Air Quality

Better air quality brings back the excitement that was there in the renovation process. A vacuum cleaner with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter can reduce the burden of dust removal. Start from the ceiling and then move to the walls and furniture. Furniture, upholstery, and other utensils that can trap dust need special care. Make sure that less conspicuous areas such as corners receive proper attention. Finally, vacuum the floor and carpets. Please adjust the vacuum power settings to suit the carpet or rug type and thickness.

Step 3: HVAC Systems

Heating and Ventilation Systems such as AC are often overlooked during the cleaning after renovation. Most probably air conditioner filters will be clogged due to dust and debris resulting from the renovation process. It is better to replace those components to ease the load on your HVAC systems. Further vacuuming of the AC ducts with appropriate vacuum settings can remove trapped dust and debris. Such efforts are guaranteed to enhance air quality inside the home.

Step4: A thorough Wiping

Even with a vacuum, a thorough wipe is essential to remove residual dust from surfaces. A dry microfiber cloth can be of help here. If the surface is so delicate make sure to use a damp cloth to avoid any scratches. In this stage pay special attention to the kitchen. Countertops, backsplashes, fixtures, and utensils will need extra care while wiping.

Step 5: Handling Stains

Mild detergents can be used for stain removal. Some surfaces may even require to be scoured for stubborn stains. However, it is always recommended to take caution while cleaning after renovation. Sometimes paint residues or chemicals used in renovation can cause stubborn stains that need special treatment. It is better to ask for professional help in these situations. Because it is better to shell out a meager amount on professional cleaning rather than causing irreversible damages.

To reassert the obvious it is better to contact a professional cleaning team for best results. They will make sure that your delicate surfaces are safe without scratches or dents while doing an immaculate cleaning job. Ultra Clean being the leading cleaning service in the UAE offers a comprehensive cleaning service after renovation ranging from grout and tile cleaning to sanitization and disinfection. The plus point of our service is that we welcome customer suggestions and continue the service until the customer is satisfied. Such final inspections and feedback responses from our end make us the unmatchable partner in cleaning services.

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